Current price: $1 PER COIN

Current stage: 1st Block

A new mineable coin created by UCI.
UCI is a blockchain hedge fund.
Generates portfolio growth.
Capital growth and dividends.

As a security coin, this ICO remains open and active until the hardcap has been achieved.


Private Equity Blockchain Exchangeable

PEBEX is the new mineable coin offered by United Capital Investments

PEBEX is not a token. It is a mineable coin

PEBEX offers a more stable and sustainable intrinsic value growth

PEBEX is an independent Blockchain protocol

PEBEX is a licensed, legal asset & medium of exchange

PEBEX offers adaptable transaction solutions as a legal cryptocurrency

PEBEX Blockchain & Wallet is developed using the latest CryptoNight proof-of-work hash algorithm

PEBEX investors benefit from sustainable value growth, dividends and profit sharing generated from the UCI hedge fund portfolio

PEBEX is protected. With built-in buy support / liquidity

PEBEX is a stored value, security coin. The liquidity of PEBEX ensures instant, secure, privacy payments & settlements


PEBEX is sold to raise capital that is used to invest in a diverse and increasing range of blockchain and mainstream projects, assets and securities.

The UCI portfolio is already in development and will be added to as UCI invests into high value crypto and main stream projects across a range of markets.

An additional feature for investors holding PEBEX will be the option to use their PEBEX coin to buy tokens / coins in some of the crpto based projects that UCI is investing in.

PEBEX is being designed to offer investors flexibility, growth and security.

PEBEX investors benefit from sustainable value growth, dividends and profit sharing generated from the UCI hedge fund portfolio.

Operating under license allows UCI to operate and grow within a legal & regulated framework.



UCI pays 50% of its net profits to investors holding PEBEX.

In addition to the intrinsic value growth of PEBEX coin, investors also receive dividends.

The amount of PEBEX an investor owns determines the cash dividends.

Dividends are allocated from the combined profits generated from the UCI portfolio

All good things come to those who are legal!

UCI will be operating under licenses issued by the Government of Georgia.

Operating under license allows UCI to operate within a legal & regulated framework.

We see crypto based projects having an incredible future. But going forward into this brave new world requires Government cooperation, coordination and legal compliance.

Georgia is a Blockchain / cryptocurrency friendly country. As a Georgian registered legal entity operating under government license, UCI is well placed to accept global investors seeking to align themselves and profit from the dynamic HEDGE FUND model we have developed.


Investors will have the option to participate in the PEBEX cloud mining program.

Cloud mining is scheduled to begin in May 2019.

Full details and instant access will be made available on the BEX platform.

NOTE: BEX is listed in the UCI portfolio and is 100% owned by UCI.

The BEX platform will offer and provide:

  • Security Token and coin listings
  • ICO investing / participation.
  • Full exchange services including crypto to fiat.
  • Crypto trading
  • Banking services / bank cards


  • October 2018

    PEBEX Blockchain / wallets

    During October, the PEBEX Blockchain and wallets will go live.

  • January 2019

    Listing On Exchanges

    Pebex will be listed on several exchanges starting January 2019.

  • February 2019

    BackOffice Platform

    During February, the Pebex Investors Backoffice platform will go live.

  • February 2019

    Launching BEX

    BEX will be an exchange platform for security tokens/coins.

  • May 2019

    Cloud Mining

    During May, the Pebex cloud mining will be open for participation.










PEBEX Coins Distribution:

100% of PEBEX Coins are made available to the public with no restrictions.


PEBEX will be sold in four blocks of PRE-MINED coins

Block 1

100,000,000 PBX

$1 Per Coin

Block 2

100,000,000 PBX

$1.50 Per Coin

Block 3

100,000,000 PBX

$2 Per Coin

Block 4

100,000,000 PBX

$2.50 Per Coin

NOTE: 50 million coins will be mineable

NOTE: 50 million coins are pre-allocated to pre-launch seed investors, bounties and special bonuses.


How To Buy PEBEX

You have 2 options to participate.

Option 1: Join our community network and earn commissions. Have access to our exclusive members only services.

Payments: If you are opting to join our community, please click on the link below and proceed with registration & payment.

Option 2: Allows you to purchase PEBEX without being a registered member of our community network. With this option you will not have access to the member only benefits, services and cash commissions.

If you are using option 2, please use the information below to make your purchase.

Payments accepted:  Bitcoin, Ethereum , Wire Transfer.



Wire Transfer: 
Please contact us for bank wire details.

Note: Send the TRANSACTION ID to, and please mention in the email from which country you are.

Receiving Your PEBEX

You are able to create your secure wallet using PEBEX Wallet Windows Application, where you can receive their PEBEX coin. Get PEBEX Wallet for Windows



Antoun Toubia
Founder & CEO

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Giorgi Batiashvili
Lead Developer

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HaoMing Wang
Head of Blockchain Development

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Michael Damour
PR Director

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Rachid Kharrat
Senior Project Manager

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Maroun Mourani
Regional Manager at UCI

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Yaser Ali Mohra
Regional Manager at UCI

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  • Who is UCI?

    United Capital Investments (UCI) is a privately-owned company registered in Charlestown, St. Kitts & Nevis:

  • How long will the ICO last?

    PEBEX ICO will remain open until all the coins have been sold.

  • How are the funds raised going to be used?

    The funds will be used to further develop our portfolio of investments in the blockchain markets.

  • Will the portfolio also include assets outside of the blockchain markets?

    Yes. Our goal is to keep building a diversified portfolio across a range of markets.

  • When will I receive my PEBEX?

    PEBEX will be distributed soon after the secure wallets are available.

  • Is there any protection against dumping?

    Yes, we will set aside a reserve to be used as a counter measure.

  • What will be the total number of PEBEX issued?

    There will be a total of 500,000,000 PEBEX issued. 50,000,000 are allocated to be mined.

  • What exchanges will PEBEX be listed on?

    PEBEX will be listed on several other major exchanges.

  • How can I participate in the PEBEX cloud mining?

    The cloud mining participation will be open by May 2019. Announcements and participation details with access links will be made to all investors holding PEBEX at that time.

  • Is there any utility linked to PEBEX?

    No. PEBEX is a security coin that entitles owners to receive profit sharing / dividends generated from the UCI portfolio.

  • Is there any lock in period for investors owning PEBEX?

    None. PEBEX holders can sell and / or transfer their PEBEX coins at any time.

  • Can PEBEX be used to purchase tokens and coins issued by other ICOs?

    Yes. UCI will, from time to time, make available this option for PEBEX holders to participate directly in other ICO projects partnering with UCI.